Your Reliable Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers

You should make sure that you look for an aluminum extrusion manufacturer that provides a variety of services. This will save you money and time in the long run.

You can find a great aluminum extrusion company by asking for referrals from other companies. You can also search online directories or attend trade shows.

High-Quality Products

Aluminum extrusions are used in a wide range of manufacturing products. They are well-known for their high proportion of strength to weight and durability. They can also be fabricated into complex shapes that fit the structural needs of specific applications.

The manufacturing process of aluminum extrusions begins with a solid aluminum billet that is heated to a high temperature and then forced through a die under substantial pressure. The result is an elongated piece of aluminum that is precision cut or bent to the desired shape.

Depending on the application, it may be finished with powder coating or anodizing. These processes provide durable, attractive finishes that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be easily wiped clean.

Be sure to select a manufacturer that offers these types of finishes. This will save your business money in the long run. Also, look for a company that has the equipment and technology needed to produce the type of aluminum extrusions you need.

Competitive Pricing

You can save yourself a lot of money in the long run when you choose to purchase aluminum extrusions from an affordable source. Look for a company that is willing to provide you with the products you need within the quantity and time frame that works best for your business.

Aluminum extrusions are unrivaled for design flexibility and can be produced in virtually any shape or size. They are light, durable, versatile and low-cost, making them the ideal choice for many different industries.

When looking for an aluminum extrusion manufacturer, consider the type of equipment and technology that they use. The quality of the material and precision of the machines can make a big difference in the overall quality of the finished product. The experience and expertise that a company gains through years of operation is also beneficial. It means that they can produce more precise and higher-quality products than someone new to the industry.

Customer Service

When looking for a reliable aluminum extrusion manufacturer, it’s important to find one with a reputation for customer service. You want to be able to communicate with the company about your project and have any questions answered in a timely manner. This will help ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

An experienced aluminum extrusion manufacturer will have an extensive catalogue of dies to choose from and can handle a wide range of sizes. They will also be able to perform custom fabrication work and offer other services such as welding, cutting, turning, slitting, buffing, and powder coating. These processes can save you money on production and processing costs. They can also be used to make your product more durable and resistant to corrosion. This will increase its lifespan and reduce your overall costs.

Additional Services

Aluminum extrusion manufacturers use high-quality equipment and technology to help produce products that match up with your specifications. However, you need to be aware that not all companies have the same equipment or technology.

It is also important to find out what other services the company offers. For example, some offer powder coating and CNC fabrication. This can make your products more durable and increase their overall value.

Other services offered by aluminum extrusion companies include bending, drilling, cutting, forming, rolling and welding. They can help with design and prototyping, as well as providing custom finishes and fabrication. They also have a wide variety of dies and can accommodate low- to large-volume production runs.

BRT Extrusions specializes in constructing angles, channels, bars, rods and tubes out of 6005, 6061 and 6063 aluminum alloys. Their products are used in the construction, electrical and transportation industries. Their experienced team works closely with customers from design to completion, and they are committed to quality and consistency.