Why Invest in Belize?

Belize offers a number of compelling reasons for investors. English is the official language, making it easier to communicate with financial experts and brokers.

Unlike many countries in the region, Belize does not have restrictions on foreign ownership and control of businesses. Foreigners are also allowed to own titled private property and may qualify for certain tax incentives.


Belize is like a foreign investment on training wheels; English is the national language, full foreign ownership of property and land, and practices British Common Law. In addition, the country is pro-business and allows joint ventures with local entities.

As a result of these factors, Belize is very stable and has the ability to support its own economy even during challenging times. Additionally, Belize has a long-standing democratic tradition and an independent judiciary.

The government provides a number of incentives for individuals looking to invest in Belize, including; tax-free remittances of profits and dividends; duty exemption on imported machinery and equipment; and income tax exemption. Incentives are especially favorable for activities that create export-oriented jobs and develop local, technological infrastructure. These investments have the potential to yield a high return on investment.

Low Taxes

Belize is a prime destination for international investors thanks to its low taxes. In addition to a lower cost of living, foreigners can enjoy the benefit of no capital gains tax. This is a huge advantage for those who invest in property and then sell it later for a healthy profit. Inheritance taxes are also very low, making this country a great place for those who want to reduce their tax burden.

Foreign ownership is legalized by an English common law system supplemented with local laws and regulations. However, it is important to note that the Central Bank of Belize must approve portfolio and capital investment transactions. Additionally, Belize does not have a stock exchange and capital market operations are rudimentary.

No Capital Gains Tax

Belize offers an excellent range of investment protection for investors, whether you are looking for a beachfront condo, an entire island, jungle lodge or a retirement community. Full outright ownership is guaranteed, and there is no capital gains tax.

In addition, your offshore investments in Belize are safe from seizure from your home country’s legal systems and revenue agencies. This is a great safeguard for those who want to escape the financial turmoil of their home countries and move forward with confidence.

As a member of the British Commonwealth, Belize uses English as its official language and has a system of law based on the common law. These factors make Belize an attractive investment market for foreign investors. It also features a qualified workforce, political stability and proximity with the United States.


A key part of any offshore investment is liquidity. This means that your assets can easily be liquidated without a long wait or being subject to a lengthy and complicated process. Belize has a number of provisions that allow you to do just that.

Tourism in Belize is growing each year, and this is great news for anyone with an interest in the hospitality industry or other enterprises that benefit from a steady flow of visitors. Those who invest in these areas of the economy can qualify for incentives such as 20-year tax holidays, import duty exemptions, and repatriation of dividends and profits.

As more and more people realize the benefits of investing in a nation like Belize, its real estate prices are starting to rise. Investors who act now will be able to secure their future retirement lifestyle in a country that offers them everything they could want or need.


With steady growth in tourism and real estate atop a growing economy, Belize has everything investors want in an ideal location. The idyllic natural landscape, countless leisure and adventure activities, affordable property prices, and a push towards first-world tourism infrastructure are among the many reasons why smart investors consider investing in Belize.

With an English-speaking population and the ability to communicate with local financial experts easily, Belize is a comfortable place to invest. And because Belize is a sovereign country, investors can rest easy knowing that their assets are safe and protected from legal proceedings in other countries.

Passive cash-flowing offshore assets can supercharge a portfolio by providing recession-proof income and inflation-insulated growth. However, not all passive offshore opportunities are created equal. Only those with local sponsors and expert management can be trusted to deliver the security and returns you expect.