Welding Hose Manufacturers

Manufacturer and distributor of industrial rubber products. Products include air hoses for air suction/discharge/material handling as well as suction & discharge hoses to meet agricultural, automotive, sanitary/chemical and other applications; also offering lubrication/cleaning systems/ducting solutions.

Color-coded welding gas hoses come in twin or single configurations to transport oxygen, welding fuel gases (acetylene, hydrogen and inert), shielding gases and oxygen. A Grade R hose specifically designed to transport acetylene has a flameproof and oilproof outer cover.


Welding hose manufacturers provide flexible metal hoses that are capable of withstanding high temperatures, and can be utilized in multiple applications. Furthermore, they can be customized to meet specific requirements; for instance, coating them with various materials to make sure that they’re safe to use in specific environments may also be possible.

Flexibility should always be taken into consideration when selecting welding hoses for use. Be sure that it can handle the pressure required without becoming deformed under extreme conditions.

This premium twin line welding hose boasts a black EPDM tube with spiraled synthetic textile reinforcement for extra abrasion resistance, flame, oil, and ozone resistance, perfect for transporting oxygen and acetylene for welding and cutting applications. Available in popular configurations for fast delivery and order fulfillment.


Welding hoses must be resilient enough to withstand high temperatures and pressures while being resistant to permeation from chemicals and gases such as acetylene; this fuel gas has different effects on rubber welding hoses than propane does and therefore affects them differently, though new fuel gases being developed to replace acetylene may produce unexpected side effects that remain unclear.

Durability in gas welding hoses depends on several factors, including working pressure and length. An optimal length would reach your worksite without becoming an obstruction to operations; additionally, it must withstand temperatures associated with fuel used during welding operations.

Grade R welding hose is the standard choice, designed to handle oxygen and acetylene fuel gases. Other grades exist to accommodate other fuel gases like LPG, natural gas or propylene.


Welding is an inherently dangerous application that exposes technicians to high heat and pressure levels, as well as toxic fumes that could pose health hazards. To limit these dangers, welding hoses must be used safely transport gas away from the torch, being stored correctly to avoid potential puncture points or abrasion points.

There are various kinds of welding hoses on the market, each one offering their own set of benefits and drawbacks. One important characteristic is permeation rate – how easily gases escape from inside of it – with Acetylene typically having lower permeation than other fuel gases like Propane; however, new fuel gases are being developed which may have different results when it comes to permeation rates and can have different impacts on hose performance.

Distributor of oxy-acetylene, flammable and nonflammable fuel gas hoses featuring flame, oil and abrasion resistant covers for custom fabrication and assembly services, providing air suction hoses suitable for suction dumping discharge pumping chemical transfer and bulk material handling applications within aerospace, automotive, food or beverage and marine industries.


Manufacturer and distributor of hoses designed for transportation, loading/unloading, low or high pressure and fire extinguishing applications. Products include chemical, oil, water, dock/dredge/welding hoses as well as fuel discharge/ducting/air compressor hoses serving automotive, industrial/food and fire equipment industries.

Twin line welding hoses are used to transport oxygen and acetylene gases between welding equipment and welding studios, typically distinguished by the colors red and green for oxygen and green for acetylene respectively. Their lightweight yet flexible construction makes these ideal components of modern welding technology.

Distributor of hoses designed to transport, distribute and handle air, water, oil, gas and other chemical forms that may be liquid, solid or semi-solid in form. Made with stainless steel wire or synthetic reinforced rubber construction and an EPDM cover to provide weather resistance as well as provide abrasion, corrosion and weathering resistance – ideal for aerospace, marine and automotive industries as well as custom machined components, assemblies or product-based solutions for custom projects.