Vision Measurement Systems Manufacturers

Distributor of standard and customized vision inspection, measuring, and testing equipment systems. Products offered include rotary optical encoders, photoelectric sensors & controls as well as dial indicators featuring high amplification and large diameter gages.

Quality Vision International (QVI), formed from the merger between View Engineering and Micro-Metric in 2005, offers machine vision solutions for electric vehicle battery production, semiconductors manufacturing, and industrial machinery production.


VISIONx offers software, systems and specialized hardware components for machine vision, image analysis, visual inspection, defect detection, metrology and general defect monitoring. Their product offerings include digital comparators, 3D inspection and measurement systems, field of view systems as well as 5 axis inspection and measurement systems.

These systems provide fast and simple comparison between parts produced with laser or electric discharge machining technology (EDM) and their respective CAD drawings in both the shop floor and metrology lab, and inspection of drilled holes or slots made using EDM technology. They’re also an effective way of inspecting their position, size and quality as part of production quality control procedures.

These systems utilize cameras and lighting to stably capture images of products inline. This enables automated, high-speed inline inspections for improved productivity and quality assurance, and to quickly detect complex features and defects with low contrast ratio. They are suitable for various manufacturing industries.


Machine vision systems have many applications in manufacturing and quality control environments, from detecting objects, reading barcodes, and recognizing patterns to robot guidance and process control. An increasing demand for automation and quality inspection is driving growth within this sector of industry.

National Instruments is a technology company offering software, hardware, and data acquisition for industrial machine vision. Their system integration products enable customers to connect live images and data from imaging systems via IP networks.

Optotune, a Swiss electro-optics manufacturer, offers innovative electronically tunable optical components for machine vision applications such as focus tunable lenses, laser speckle reducers and 2d beam steering mirrors. Their products can be tailored to customer requirements in terms of size, oscillation frequency or transmission range; perfect for machine vision applications such as machine vision, ophthalmology projectors medical sciences as well as 3D imaging applications.


Isra Vision offers an expansive selection of vision systems designed to increase accuracy and efficiency of industrial processes. Their 2D and 3D machine vision systems detect defects, automate processes, generate insight from data, as well as offer installation, training, and support services. Additionally, Isra Vision also offers installation, training, and support services.

Surface inspection solutions from QAS Lab are developed to ensure quality control in industries like paper, printing, and textiles. Capable of inspecting any color printed or coated material at high speeds with laser light scanning technology, their solutions also detect anomalies which cannot be seen by human eyes alone.

Isra Vision offers robot vision systems, in-line measurement technology and inspection technology designed for use in an Industrie 4.0 environment. Their advanced IT architecture includes features like integrated computing capacity, WLAN connectivity and forward looking communication protocols such as OPC/UA that make these systems easily adaptable to new production conditions. Based in Darmstadt Germany with customers including international manufacturers from the automotive, medical device and food & beverage sectors.

VIEW Engineering

VIEW Engineering manufactures an expansive line of vision inspection systems to assist manufacturers in process monitoring and quality control, such as manufacturing process monitoring. These include automated dimensional measurements, pattern recognition/video edge detection capabilities and 3-axis measurement capability (X, Y and Z). Their LVC series vision systems were specifically created to meet large format precision vision/inspection applications; featuring linear motors which do not experience velocity/acceleration limitations associated with traditional rotary-to-linear systems thereby increasing throughput significantly.

Dynascope optical technology enables operators to work while wearing glasses, goggles or contact lenses – providing businesses with increased efficiency, accuracy, productivity by eliminating time-consuming head movements.

The VIEW Benchmark 450 non-contact metrology system offers the flexibility and versatility necessary for high throughput electronic assembly process qualification. Combining modern digital megapixel cameras with Elements software from VIEW makes complex measurements simple; thus creating a powerful yet simple non-contact inspection solution ideal for production floors.