Top YouTube to MP3 Converters

YouTube videos have become an international craze when it comes to music videos, how-to tutorials, fun content and entertainment. Unfortunately, these YouTube videos cannot be downloaded for offline viewing or monetization without first receiving authorization from their copyright holders.

To work around these restrictions, a software or online converter like ssyoutube may be useful. This article covers some of the safest, and most effective converters for downloading YouTube videos to MP4. Plus there’s advice on using them too!


Yt1s is an online tool that enables users to download videos from YouTube in multiple formats and quality levels, making it suitable for mobile and desktop use alike. Users can save videos either to their device memory or cloud storage; additionally there are options available for downloading audio files of various formats for listening music on-the-go!

To use YT1s, copy and paste the URL of any video you want to download into its search box. YT1s will then display a download link in a new window – once completed you can view and share them! YT1s supports all major platforms free of charge while offering you numerous settings and preferences such as file size, format, resolution etc.

YT1s is a trusted YouTube downloader that delivers high-quality MP3 files. With its simple interface and fast conversion rates, this website makes an ideal solution for users seeking to convert videos from YouTube into MP3. Plus, its database is regularly backed up so you can trust in its security!


YTMP3 is an intuitive YouTube to Mp4, MP3 converter that makes the conversion process quick and painless, taking only seconds and without installation or software requirements. Furthermore, the service offers convenient download links so users can store files on both their computer or mobile device for later. But users should remember that downloading unlicensed material without permission could lead to legal ramifications.

YTMP3’s website is user-friendly, boasting many features that make it popular. It supports an array of devices running iOS or Android, and works on any operating system including OSX or Ubuntu. Furthermore, the fast and reliable server converts videos rapidly – perfect for those wanting to build their music library quickly on-the-go!

The YTMP3 converter is an invaluable resource for downloading songs from YouTube. Free, fast, and user-friendly, this tool can convert any YouTube video into high-quality MP3s instantly – however it only supports one conversion at a time which may prove challenging if searching for specific tracks is required.


Y2mate is an online tool that enables users to easily and securely download videos from YouTube and other video-sharing websites for free, directly through any web browser and supporting multiple file formats. It’s fast, simple, reliable and cross-platform – compatible with Windows, Mac OSX Linux iOS devices; plus there’s even an integrated player and editor!

To use Y2mate, copy and paste any video link into their website. Y2mate will recognize it and offer multiple file formats and quality options that you can choose to download with one click on their Download button; download should take only seconds! Once finished you can watch it from any device.

While Y2mate can be an invaluable tool for downloading videos, it is important to keep in mind that it may violate some website’s terms of service and lead to malicious software and threats affecting your computer after using this application. A regular scan should be run after using Y2mate to protect yourself.

The Y2mate website is user-friendly, without pop-ups or intrusive ads to distract you, making it an ideal solution for anyone wanting to convert YouTube videos to MP3 files. Unfortunately, push notification ads may be hard to close and may lead you to potentially unwanted programs and browser extensions; but their presence can only be considered reasonable and far better than pages that constantly redirect you when clicking accidentally on blank spots.


YT4 is an open-source video software program designed to convert and download videos from YouTube, Vimeo and more. Offering various features and user-friendly functionality, this converter makes an excellent choice for video converter users of any kind. In addition, this program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as free customer support services – giving it even greater appeal for video converters!

YT Saver goes beyond simple video conversion to offer additional tools to crop or trim videos as desired. Supported formats include over 20 for Windows and Mac operating systems and multiple file conversion at the same time are possible with its user-friendly design allowing password protection for added privacy, and its Turbo Fast mode providing up to 10x faster conversion speeds!

“YT” stands for you there and is often used in chat rooms and online games as an abbreviation for “you there”. It may also refer to YouTube (pronounced yew-tuh (T), created by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen). YouTube was named by its founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen as an acronym Yew-tuh (T), abbreviated as YT or yt. Additionally, Mayotte, one of the smallest islands worldwide (with domain suffix ending “mayotte”.