Ostrich Bone Dog Treats

Ostrich bones are a healthy, safe and ethical treatment option for your dog. They are high in protein, low in fat and have been shown to be good for dental health.

The key to choosing the right treat is to ensure it’s made from a single ingredient that’s ethically sourced.

Ethical & Sustainable

Ostrich bone treats are becoming increasingly popular as a dog treat option in Singapore. They offer a number of benefits for dogs and their owners, including high palatability and a long-lasting chew factor.

The bones are also beneficial for dental health, as they are abrasive and can help to scrape away plaque and tartar on dogs’ teeth. This can help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, which can lead to more serious health problems.

While ostrich meat can seem controversial, it’s an ethically-produced protein that is lower in fat and calories than other red meat options on the market.

Moreover, Ostrich farms use far less water, land and feed than traditional cattle farming methods. This makes ostrich production much more sustainable, according to Jared Shlager, CEO of Mosaic Pet Food.

Choosing ostrich dog treats that adhere to ethical and sustainable farming practices is important for both pets and their owners. Purchasing ostrich bone treats from a reputable source will ensure that you’re supporting responsible farming practices while providing your dog with a healthy and delicious treat option.

Good for Dental Health

If you’re concerned about your dog’s dental health, there are many treats and diets that can help. The key to success is using treats that are safe and healthy for your dog, and avoiding those that contain harmful chemicals and ingredients.

Ostrich bones are a great option for dogs with dental issues, since they have a chewy texture that promotes gnawing action and removes plaque. They also contain a high protein content, which can help reduce tartar build-up in your dog’s teeth.

They’re also a good choice for dogs with food allergies or sensitivities to common proteins, like beef, chicken, and pork. Because ostrich bones are made from one ingredient, they’re hypoallergenic and free of added ingredients or preservatives.

High in Protein

Many dog owners are on the hunt for the best dog foods and treats that are high in protein. But some dogs are not as well suited to a diet with a lot of protein, especially those with kidney disease or liver disease.

Fortunately, there are now treats that contain low protein. These are made specifically for these pups, so you can still treat your dog without compromising their health.

These long-lasting ostrich tendons are an excellent, natural choice for chewing, and they have a much less intense taste than other natural dog chews like bully sticks.

They’re also very easy for puppies to digest. They are rich in protein and calcium, and ideally, one or two small ostrich tendons per week as a puppy is enough to ensure your pup gets the nutrients they need.

It is advisable to introduce ostrich tendons slowly, as they may cause mild diarrhea for some dogs in their first few attempts at eating them.

Low in Fat

The ol’ salty bird has long been the mascot of the pet food industry. Its meaty bones are a treat for the palate and an excellent source of exercise for canine companions. Having said that, it’s no wonder some dogs are overweight or obese. For starters, most dogs are not genetically programmed to eat like humans. The only way to correct this imbalance is to feed your pooch high-quality kibble, preferably in the form of tasty treats. The best way to do this is by providing a wide variety of choices ranging from squeaky toys to crunchy morsels to tasty morsels containing a combination of meaty bones, skins, bones with teeth and even bones without teeth.