LPR Parking Solutions Streamline Your Processes and Increase Revenue

If you run a parking facility, then you know that keeping track of tickets can be a major headache. A good lpr parking solution can streamline your processes and increase revenue without adding extra work to your daily schedule.

When used in conjunction with touchless parking solutions, license plate recognition (LPR) helps to automate entry and exit processes for both temporary and monthly parkers. It also provides a frictionless and convenient experience for customers and clients.

No Tickets to Keep Track of

Lpr parking solutions eliminate the need for tickets or barriers, ensuring that all vehicles can enter and exit your facility in a hassle-free manner. This enables your parking operation to run more efficiently and professionally while offering your customers the best customer experience possible.

In addition to eliminating ticket swapping and the revenue that can be lost with it, LPR also allows you to easily enforce your parking rules. Because the license plate of every vehicle is logged, your team can easily identify illegal parkers and issue violations in real time.

By using a networked system, your team can also access an extensive reporting database which includes scofflaw and quiet zone information to help you plan your future infrastructure investments. By analyzing occupancy data, violation hotspots, time-of-day pressures and quiet zones, you can make informed decisions to improve your parking operations.

No Ticket Swapping

Ticket swapping is a common frustration for parking managers, threatening to reduce revenue. With lpr parking solutions, there is no ticket swapping because cars are always tracked by their license plate.

Using this technology, your parking facility will be more efficient and operate at a higher capacity. Moreover, customers will enjoy a seamless experience that reduces traffic congestion and idle time inside your garage.

In addition, LPR parking solutions enable you to control access points and facilitate ticketless operations. This helps decrease vehicle idle time in your garage and significantly reduces air pollution.

Enforcing your parking rules with license plate recognition has never been easier. With the Enforcer app from ParqEx, you can easily keep track of vehicles that have violated your parking rules, and take enforcement action as needed.

Increased Revenue

With a smart parking solution, you can increase revenue by offering more options to your customers. This includes the ability to offer loyalty programs for repeat visitors, discounts and promotions that are tailored to their specific make and model, frequency of visits or behavior.

LPR parking solutions can also help you improve your overall business intelligence, providing valuable data that allows you to manage your facilities and set rates on the fly. This information can include how often people park, where they park and how long they stay.

This technology has also been proven to be an effective tool for contract parking, ensuring that only authorized vehicles are allowed access to your facility. This will significantly reduce overcrowding in your facility and maximize the space you have available.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

License Plate Recognition (LPR) has changed the parking experience for both parkers and property managers. It has eliminated many problems that a traditional parking system has brought along with it, such as long lines upon entrance and exit, frustration with ticket swapping and lost tickets, and ensuring that only authorized vehicles are allowed to enter the lot.

LPR has also managed to increase the customer’s experience and keep them coming back to your facility again and again. The ease of entry and exit, smart payment options, and convenience that LPR provides for customers makes them happy and satisfied.

In addition, a number of other benefits have been achieved by using lpr parking solutions, including increased security and ensuring that only authorized vehicles are allowed into the lot. This has given property managers a feeling of safety and peace of mind that they didn’t have before.