Hotel Towel Factory Wholesale Towels

Hotel-quality towels may cost more than regular ones, but their plusher feel and upscale aesthetic make them more desirable to guests, helping attract and keep them. In addition, their durability and absorbency increase over time.

Material selection for wholesale hotel towels varies, but many hotels prefer using 100% cotton as their preferred material. They may also incorporate fabrics that provide increased softness and durability into their production process.


Fabric selection plays a critical role in hotel towel softness and absorbency. Many hotels prefer 100% cotton terry towels while others combine materials to meet certain quality standards. Furthermore, the yarn used to weave the towels also plays an essential part in its strength and durability.

Hotel towels typically feature a blend of cotton and polyester fabric that adds extra softness while simultaneously decreasing water consumption during drying. Polyester also plays an essential role in increasing GSM, an indicator of absorbency and durability of fabric, making the towels highly desirable.

Fabric is created through a process known as ring spinning, where threads are twisted together to produce smoother, stronger, and more uniform yarn. Twist and plying of yarn also impact fabric quality – lower twist levels or zero twist yarn may feel very soft to touch but may not withstand industrial laundry well.


Your hotel guests expect the finest in luxury and comfort during their stay, which means providing bath towels that are soft, fluffy and sturdy enough for constant use and washes. At Hotel Towel Factory, we specialize in premium 100% cotton terry towel sets suitable for hotels of all sizes.

GSM (grams per square meter) is the key determinant when selecting towels; it measures their thickness and absorbency. In general, higher GSM values indicate superior towels.

Towels with a GSM between 500 and 700 offer an ideal combination of plushness, absorbency, and longevity. For those wanting something extra luxurious there are even luxury towels with GSM of 1,100 or higher that you may find at five-star hotels and spas.


Wholesale hotel towels come in an assortment of colors, with white being the traditional hue. Crafted from high-grade cotton with GSM ranges ranging between 450gsm and 800gsm, these towels feature luxuriously soft material that can withstand repeated bleaching without losing its absorbency – ideal for hospitality businesses.

Towels are one of the first things guests notice about hotels, making their appearance crucially important. Hotels employ cutting-edge technologies to keep their linens looking their best; one such method is an ultrasonic washing machine; this can break down dirt, bacteria and stains on a microscopic level while protecting towels from becoming gray-tinged over time. In other cases, hotels may prioritize using specialty detergents with specific drying systems; then rinsed out and wrung out before being sent through the laundry machine for laundering.


Have hotel towels that reflect the distinctive style of your facility will enhance guest experiences and help them remember you more easily. They can also serve to promote your brand and increase customer satisfaction – with customization options such as embroidery, jacquard and embossed patterns available.

Many hotel companies have started opening theme hotels, and are searching for customized linen manufacturers who can meet their needs. Their ideal goal is to find one who can blend local culture and characteristics into white hotel linen for optimal sleeping environment and create a sense of familiarity for their guests in their accommodation. This will make guests more at ease within their hotel accommodations and increase guest retention.

When selecting a hotel linen supplier, take into account their quality, turnaround time, customization options, and even the convenience of having your business cards printed on the linens they provide. Furthermore, look for an exceptional customer service provider willing to meet your specific requirements and work together with you towards reaching them – they should even surpass them!