Embrace the Coastal Vibe With Fashionable Flair

Coastal design doesn’t have to be all shells, driftwood and kitsch. A few carefully chosen accessories and furniture pieces will provide crucial flair without making your home look like a beach souvenir shop.

The key is natural elements and textures. Think woven baskets, cotton throws and rugs made of materials like jute or sea grass.


Coastal style draws inspiration from nature, so it’s important to pay close attention to color. The natural palette typically includes a variety of blue hues, along with seafoam green and sandy yellow tones.

Whether used on walls or in accent pieces, the right hues can set your beachy theme off to a good start. For example, warm brown tones complement wicker furnishings and shell-shaped decor.

White is a popular choice for the walls in a coastal room, serving as a crisp backdrop to furniture and decor in shades of blue and ocean-inspired neutrals. However, don’t be afraid to introduce other colors into your design scheme—think coral or teal tones to bring a vibrant punch of color to the beachy vibe. Adding in green, the color of a ripe sea grape or the lush shade of a tropical tree, also brings a fresh feel to this interior design style.

Natural Fiber

Coastal furniture styles often feature wicker, rattan and light weathered woods. Rugs made of natural fibers like jute, sisal or woven wool also work well with this style.

Whites and light grays with hints of blue or sea green are the color staples for a beachy vibe. Warmer sand tones and soft pastels also work beautifully with this theme.

Using natural materials is essential to the coastal design style, and woven baskets, jute rugs and driftwood accents all play an important role. Nautical nods like oars, anchors and brass ship’s bells are easy to find at yard sales and flea markets and add the perfect touch of sea-inspired decor to your home. Displaying a collection of seashells is another great way to create the beachy look.


No coastal room would be complete without a woven fiber rug. Whether it’s jute, sisal, or straw, this design element connects the indoors to the outdoors and lends a relaxed feel to any space.

A gallery wall of framed beach-inspired artwork is an easy way to add coastal style to your home. Choose wooden frames that look purposely weathered for a more traditional coastal vibe or go for mermaid wall decor for a modern twist.

Coastal style can be fun, so try bold accent colors like juicy coral, lobster red, and sunshine yellow to bring a tropical flair. Keep in mind that this color palette still works with the rest of the room, though, so don’t overdo it with bright hues. Also, avoid too many knick-knacks that can overpower the clean and simple lines of this design trend.


The light, breezy mood of coastal style requires a little less formality than traditional decor. But don’t confuse casual with sloppy, since this style is about simplicity, not skimping on quality or comfort.

The use of raw wood in furniture, wall art and accents is key in this design style. Woods generally don’t have a high sheen but rather a weathered look like blond maple, ash or whitewashed wood.

Plants can be a great accessory in a beachy style home. A great plant to consider is a Ponytail Palm, it looks similar to a palm tree and can bring that beach vibe to your home without being too much of a cliche. It prefers bright indirect sunlight and moist but not constantly wet soil.


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