Different Sizes and Shapes of 3×3 Stickers

When it comes to sticker printing, there are a lot of options. From vinyl to paper, there are many different materials and sizes to choose from.

One common sticker size is the 3×3 stickers. This is the perfect size for stickers that you want to pass out or use on your products.

3.5×2 inches

Smaller stickers that look similar to business card-size are popular for passing out and slipping into product packaging as branding materials. Use them to display fun one-liners or cute designs that your customers will love.

Our clear stickers are a perfect way to advertise your brand. They’re available in rolls so you can professionally print them or do the printing yourself.

3.5×2.5 inches

Similar in size to a business card, these stickers are popular for brand labels or as easily applicable name tags. They also work well for tamper-evident label applications.

Big circular stickers are commonly seen on electronic equipment, t-shirts and jazzy bike helmets. These stickers provide strong visual impact and are often printed in sticker sheets for a uniform look. Adding a killer designer to your team could help with planning and execution of such designs.

3.5×1.5 inches

Printed on durable high-opacity vinyl with an adhesive that can be used for regular use. Includes white edging.

Perfect for displaying logos and business names, these stickers are easy to design using any user-friendly graphic designing software like Adobe Photoshop.

Create your own custom stickers that mean something to you. Add a monogram or personal message for a meaningful gift or special occasion.

3.5×1.25 inches

A bold sticker for your car that can be used for branding or as a fun giveaway. Funny one-liners, quotes or political messages work best for this size.

Custom stickers come with an application film that makes them easy to apply. You can also opt for matte coating, which reduces glare and makes it easier to read text-heavy designs. Your exact sizing will be determined during proofing.

3.5×0.75 inches

These stickers are perfect for a variety of purposes. They’re often referred to as “sticker business cards” and are great for passing out at events or slipping into product packages.

They’re also great for car decals, especially when paired with funny one-liners or quotes. Just remember to opt for vinyl over sticker paper if you want your custom stickers to last.

3.5×0.5 inches

Rectangular stickers are seen on a variety of products. They are also the perfect size for combining logos and brand-specific motifs. They can be customised as rounded or flattened for a more aesthetic appearance.

Whether decorating gadgets or planning political campaigns, stickers add visual depth to any project. With the right designer on board, they can boost your brand image. They are also available in sticker sheets, a bundle of kiss-cut stickers printed on a single sheet.

3.5×0.4 inches

Custom stickers are an affordable, hassle-free marketing tool for organisations looking to promote their brand message. With a range of sizes and shapes, they help to stand out from the competition and convey the personality of your business.

Rectangular stickers are often seen on a range of products and resemble the size of a standard business card. They offer ample space to incorporate a logo, and can even include a brand tagline or motto.

3.5×0.3 inches

Sticking a custom sticker on a car window instantly shifts your brand’s reach. But picking the right sticker size is important—too big and people will not be able to read your one-liner or message.

Smaller stickers are good for branding, slipping into product packaging, or elementary school rewards. Choose glossy or matte coating to make text-heavy designs readable. They are also more durable than paper stickers.

3.5×0.2 inches

Often used as price stickers and brand labels, this is a standard sticker size that can be printed on a variety of products. It is also useful for promoting events and spreading your brand message to customers. Custom rounded corners are available to make your stickers look more appealing.

Consider opting for a glossy finish to make your graphics more vibrant and eye-catching. For text-heavy designs, matte finishing can help readability by reducing reflections.

3.5×0.1 inches

These smaller stickers are great for displaying visuals, especially logos. They can also be used as cute little giveaways, such as for a new product or event. They are also perfect for slapping on products like mugs and paper coffee cups.

They can be printed with either gloss or matte coating. Gloss makes the colors pop, while matte offers a smooth finish and sophisticated look.