Contribution of LMS in Education

Today schools, colleges, big business houses almost all use LMS (Learning Management System). If someone is using e-learning, then it means that he will definitely use an e-learning management system. LMS is a kind of software application which performs tasks like administration, tracking, reporting, automation, documentation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, or learning and development programs. An LMS portal is the most demanded tool these days in online learning because an LMS portal facilitates the students a lot. It is a well-organized system through which not only employee training, courses and learners can be managed but one’s work efficiency can also be improved. Here a trainer or teacher can opt any best software for online teaching but if it is collaborated with LMS this learning system becomes easier. In a simple way we can say that it automates the most boring and lengthy work, such as processing statistics, grading, analytics, and preparing reports. On the other hand, students get many benefits from LMS portals. Through LMS portals students get to study online safely and easily.

To be précised most of the Learning Management System are created according to the organization’s need, moreover they share the same basic features. Now let’s understand the benefits of LMS for business and learners too. For Business it reduces the cost of various types of training. Reduces the time for training/onboarding.  It maintains a unified standard of work among partners and affiliates. For learners LMS is a boon. It increases knowledge engagement of the learner. LMS in perspective of learner          improves work performance as well as boost his knowledge retention too. Many large companies need to train their employees on a regular basis. Such companies use LMS portals to keep resellers, franchises, and other sales channels up to date on product releases, compliance requirements, and more. Following the large-scale industries even small-scale industries can also launch their e-learning to train their employees and enhance their skill set even with limited human resources and financial status.

Though LMS is very helpful, still freshers need to know how to teach online. Everything can be learned if one wishes to. Just a firm desire to learn is needed. It is not a big deal if a teacher who was teaching traditionally doesn’t know how to teach online. Here online teaching content remains the same , just methods of presentation changes a little bit. Technology here helps the teachers to teach their students even from far away. Mode of education can be different like it can be offline or online but the need for a learning management system remains still at its place. It is so because any sector like education utilizes two very important resources – time and money. Here the learning management system provides ease to the utilization of these resources. It saves money and time as well. It manages to reduce the time interval and the cost being spent on that time interval to a fruitful extent. An online learning management system arranges group calls for the lecture going to be conducted by the teacher via a link provided to them. And all the students attend the classes without any issue. It organizes and controls the overall teaching-learning process. Just being on one portal tutor gets to know about learning as well as the behavioural pattern of the students. Here communication between learner and teacher remains crystal clear, smooth, immediate and soothing to the curiosities of the students.

LMS fixes many issues of the school administrations towards students like it arranges the learning materials for the students according to their learning capacity. This removes a demerit of the traditional learning pattern where the teacher keeps on teaching but students have absolutely no idea what’s going on and their mind remains blank slate. Through LMS portals students get recorded versions of lectures of their teachers whom they can watch over and over till they get the point or understand the topic instead of bothering the teacher by asking questions again and again and later they can ask questions to their teachers also if they didn’t get anything in videos. Here the tutor gets the chance to study and understand the behavioural and psychological patterns of their students so that they can help few such students who lag behind in understanding the topics like other students but are unable to speak due to hesitation. So, in this article we came to know that LMS has given a great contribution in education.