Choosing Speakers For Showers

Singing in the shower is one of life’s simple pleasures. But it’s difficult to hear your favorite pop diva playlist over the dripping water. That’s why you need a great speaker for your bathroom.

It can be looped around the shower rod, suction cupped to a wall, or set upright on a shelf. The battery lasts 8 hours and is easily rechargeable.


There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right shower speaker. You want it to be waterproof, have a good battery life, and be portable. It should also be easy to hang. The best speakers for showers will fit nicely on a shelf or can be suctioned to the wall.

One of the most popular shower speakers on the market is the Wonderboom. It has impressive Bluetooth capabilities, and it can be submerged in up to a meter of water for 30 minutes. It also has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

Another great option is the ARMOR MiNE. It is IPX5 compliant, which means that it can withstand low-pressure jets of water. It has a LED display that pulses to music and shows the current time and battery life. and it has a decent sound quality, although the bass is a bit weak and the highs can get distorted at maximum volume.


If you want to use a speaker in the shower, you should make sure that its battery and other electrical parts don’t get wet. For this reason, it’s important to choose a shower-friendly Bluetooth speaker with at least an IPX4 waterproof rating and preferably an IPX7 water resistance certification.

Most shower speakers come with suction cups and rubberized loops or carabiners so they can be hung in the bathroom (on a tub caddy, on curtain rods, etc). Some have metal carabiner attachments that let you clip them to hooks in your wardrobe or backpack.

One of the most popular shower speakers is the BassPal BT-S03, a generic brand that sells under several different names like BESUNTEK, AYOGU, Hydro Beat Illumination, and others. It has an impressive list of features for such a small speaker but it can’t produce a satisfying bass and isn’t fully waterproof. Another good option is the AYL Soundfit, a popular model that’s available for as little as $15.

Battery life

A good shower speaker should be able to play your favorite music for about 10 hours or more, especially when you are listening at moderate volume levels. The longer battery life is important for those who want to enjoy their favorite songs and podcasts while showering.

Along with the speaker you get a proprietary charging cable that has 3.5mm jack on one end and USB plug on the other (this is weird since most small waterproof speakers use micro USB to USB cables), manual, and 1-year warranty card. The speaker itself is pretty sturdy and has 4 control buttons (power, + and -volume and play/pause/call button).

Unfortunately, this speaker has some significant downsides. It’s not really waterproof (only IPX5 rating), the bass lacks impact, and highs are a bit boring. The durability is also a concern as the mesh and screws tend to corrode after a while of regular usage. If you can handle these issues, the Soundbot SB510 HD is a great option to consider.


This is a generic speaker that can be found under several different brand names. The manufacturer claims it’s waterproof and it has a decent battery (1700mAh) but the biggest issues are durability-related: a low battery warning activates every five minutes, the speaker is susceptible to extreme temperatures and the mesh as well as the screws corrode (you have to wipe it off after use). The sound quality is OK, the bass is tiny, and mid frequencies are reproduced very well.

The speaker comes in a small box along with the suction cup, USB charging cable (it’s proprietary unlike most of the shower speakers), user manual and a 1-year warranty card. The speaker is cylindrical, it has a 3.35 inches base diameter and 2.56 inches depth and inside there’s one 3W driver. It has 4 control buttons: power button, + and – volume buttons and play/pause/call button. There is also an LED Bluetooth indicator on the front panel.