Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The very first thing I wish to show you will find a few fairly Epic customization items you can do using Whatsapp so. swipe fonts Boys WhatsApp talks all about WhatsApp hints and hints and hacks you need to strive in 2020 we’re speaking about the 1 amount. In case you’ve got a photo in the very top hair that you may actually customize it a little so firstly you may pick an emoji whenever across the side since possible the caller actions Rainbow pub.


you can actually change the color of the emoji which is so called from here you can also choose some other option so like here when will choose this funny hands to sign you can change the skin tone as well so we can try to match it a bit tips on lines and then from there. guys you want to you can add a speech Bubbles but what’s really cool is if you actually rotate it with your hands and see me doing here at little or no change to our never even. I have just angle it to the top of your mouth again, of course, you can change the border colour now if you want to add text generally. what would look like if you actually like on that hold on Android just as you see me doing here you will see change for the text. which is so so Epic and then you can just leave like that orange phone can change the colour in your own way.


line thickness

In our number 2 list we have line thickness is the topic of customization there are still some more things you can do so.

for example, you have the same Beatles, and you click on this pencil icon you can off-colour change the colour but if you click and drag you can change.

the thickness of pencils so this is really awesome to once again make things on drawing you can grow many things and make thicker lines that.

you want and Design Your stickers like for your on customization honesty Indus and also you can use this styles hairstyle and make the sticker stylish and it looks more attractive you can also clean background but also image videos,gift.



meme sticker

In 3 number list we have meme sticker now this is a fun one click on the emoji icon on the left-hand side there and then on the stickers icon only have a couple of stickers.

but if you click on the Plus sign you can and some more which is so if you can also scroll down to the bottom se get more stickers.

forum a whole bunch of other ones so you can found this WhatsApp means stickers loot Li and if you click on install it will start installing.

and you can use this Neem sticker then just slipped open and now you can this is a very sticker to your WhatsApp you’ll enjoy this sticker Adda WhatsApp added to your WhatsApp automatically.


voice recording extract

we have a voice recording extract something that recently discovered on WhatsApp.

it’s so obvious if you click and hold down on the record button voice record button usually, you can chat right up but if you see here there is actually a little icon. and it also said slide to cancel so instead of just down and record your voice note then let go what you can do is click on the icon button and swipe off. it will not automatically continue to record your voice note on the preview to just hit that send button to slide it Right. and cancel and then it’s you she has it will delete the voice note. on you can also delete a voice note is just if you are clicking and holding down beside you don’t like it still swipe to the left and it will cancel that voice right.



private status

In our list, five number private status is the one that could be private has clicked on those three dots in the top that you are seen on your WhatsApp.

Nikon that top right-hand corner then slipped status of privacy and literally just like that she can sleep for all your contact to see contact Star Plus all their expert a couple of only with the people you select.



read Swipe

In 6 number we have read Swipe is a typing out a message and send it to someone when they receive the message their usually to grey trim. and then one there have read the message those tits usually become blue if you don’t want someone to see that I have read the message once.

you do is click on these three dots in the top right-hand corner get on over and sitting there an account and from the account, you are gonna click on privacy once in privacy you will see this little area where you can turn off read receipts, for now.

people will not now when Jyada message however you will not able to see when they have read your message as you can see you have sent it but the text will remain Grave because I have to turn off the settings.



swiped right

In number 7 we have swiped right in the comments if you already know this one but when you are saying chatting to someone or chatting in a group can I actually do to quickly respond to a message.

 for example, you did not respond to the older message Siwan to swipe right over it, and with creating a reply it’s such a quick easy way to respond to a message not instantly but also want that they sent ages ago.

so this is really cool because if you have into the conversation within the same group you can literally swipe right to reply to that exact message.



personally reply

In our 8 number list, we have personally reply While We’re on the topic of group chat you can also personally reply to someone from within a group charge. so has an example I want to respond to outside of the group so if I click and hold their own then three dots in the top right-hand corner hairs you will see reply privately. if you slept that it will be able to reply directly to the person who sends that message within the group good tricks you can use it.