Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

The Android 11 officially release and that I have it here on my Google pixel 4A and another gadget. However, in case you have other pixel devices that are updated will come to your device is right away in order to provide. The new updates and determine what new features Android 11. Drinks as a side note my 4A review is coming soon make sure you are likely to observe the Android 11 update new features First Things First as normal about the official version of Android the Ek just quickly tap on the Android version to use.

this dial and there 3 dots you can actually crack it all the way of 211 and a catch emoji Pops of down towards the buttons that’s about all. I found out in the terms of Easter Egg on Android 11. Google is really focused on notification and messag.e you with people so they have a separate conversation section they have notifications and their if you go back to this conversation there is something they call it baubles so some of the if the app is compatible such as the messaging app Facebook messenger Telegram. is at the moment I noticed this little icon pop off within the notification I go to into this Facebook message and I press that icon App use my familiarity with the chat heads. on Facebook but this actually bubbles into Android 11 I did tested within WhatsApp hang out and many more other apps like this discord. What’s new in Android 11?-Android 11 Update: New Features!-android 11 beta.


highly requested features of Android 11

And the new and highly requested features of Android 11 are not built-in. so if we go into our quick panels record is right there so if you do screen record you can also choose to record audio. whether it be at a device audio microphone so you can have both devices audio and microphones. you can also have it shop touches on. the screen. so if you do a quick test it is now according to one Bom so now we are screen recording it should be picking up my voice gown net safe for example you can stop. the recording quickly as possible really good features are available on Android 11 you can use it to record the June screen and audio the same time and you can’t just screenshot just by clicking One time.


Android 11 age-specific

And again the new features of Android 11 age-specific app to stop sending you notification press. and hold it hit pouch AP I believe that see you will go ahead and towels notifications for the rest of the day. also with the suggested app of what’s the drop in a map or you can actually go ahead and press. and hold it on and then it doesn’t suggest app West drive it on-off if their specific app. you don’t even want to be solicited you can control and customize that going into our recent app Rebel notice screenshots.

Android 11 new features like the dark theme

In Android 11 you can see some new features like dark theme turn on and turn off the dark theme like your dark theme. now if you go down to system rested and then go into the system. system navigation where you have guests and navigation buttons with gesture navigation. you can control that back sensitivity with the specific ages that also remember that power menu. and then you can customize it with device control. cars and passes and on the lockscreen, if you cancel your sensitive content alerts test without pressing and holding. the power button you still have your power and the start button sour Google pay is there. and even just smart home controls which you can customize slap the three dots. you can add control sorry edit them so you can customize smart displays. smart speaker Major control signal to reinvent currently listening to a song on Spotify you pull it downtown down twice. and you can get it fast battery can hurt you also can customize where the audio is getting cleared out of so if I click on phone speaker. you can choose maybe a Bluetooth speaker you have or for example. my pixel balls if those were connected I am currently connected to my excel word and you will not is when I actually tone airplane mode on stay connected to the Google pixel parts.


Android 11 on other new features is when you go into an app you can see what permissions that are allowed but also you can remove permission. if the app isn’t used so basically will receive those permissions when the apps not being used. the period ab does not have Asian history to see your recent and snows notification. do you know if you like to you then it will start to feel or there’s a sound menu so going to set it will bring you of media call ring and alarm volume or see more to go into all of your sound settings?


 Android 11 update there are some 9 new features on sound setting

 Android 11 update there are some 9 new features on sound setting this sound setting is called a few ka supports it you have the wireless Android auto built into Android 11. so you don’t even need to block your phones in if you have that compatibility. make a note that you can have your media explain whether it’s 245 liters will stay of theirs. it will stay on that second swipe down but if you go into the setting. you can hide the player when the media session has ended. look at the chairman of the truck return copy or nearby share user can go ahead and just find nearby devices to share with these all are the features that I love to talk about for Android 11. new updates and new features.