Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Smartphone games day by day and a few of computer game programmers are releasing their sport for smartphones also so that you may play computer games on your cellphone too. Now we will discuss the top 12 top computer games which may be playing Android along with ios.

in our list no 12 we have lots of games we are covering in the top 12 game list so lest get started.

top 12 best pc games for Android 


1-bendy and the ink machine

this game allows you to become Henry of an artist from a joy animation studio after receiving an invitation for his former called  Henry studio and Thomas .a something unusual happening here and the letter joey said that was an interesting thing. he wants to show but didnt say what it was the gameplay is a combination is a mechanics. and various games. genres which are containing a bit of a horror puzzle and action the puzzles are relatively simple that you can solve easily next up.

2-final fantasy 15 pocket edition

this game is a portable adaptation of the great final fantasy 15 available for the consoles. and the pc the pocket edition has similar game experiences and storylines but with an anime aesthetic and gameplay has perfectly adapted to the touchscreen devices. the story of the game is divided into 10 chapters and you can get the first chapter for free but of course, if you want to find out what happened in the other 9.chapter still have to purchase them through the app itself. the game has excellent graphics a fun combat system and an exciting story breaking.

3-turbo league

turbo league is exactly as its name suggests a clone of the great rocket league now controls that are perfectly adapted to a touchscreen but that is rocket league basically it’s a sport in which six-car play a game of soccer with a giant ball. in the turbo league.

4-unknown fate game

unknown fate is a single-player puzzle adventure game where you will help Richard to get the truth the part of the game begins with the fact that the main character woke upon in an unknown world .he has no memories of the past or how he ended up there now your main task will be to find the truth. you have to defeat all the enemies to collect the various item for the survival of the will get many items for the good survival in the game.


Now, this is a physical-based puzzle game with an element of parkour in which you have yo overcome intricate location. and while it’s worth. and find a nonstandard way of solving the puzzle in addition you can pass levels in a cooperative mode in a company of up to four people which will future diversify the gameplay now.


this is a hardcore game where you will control the hero who sits in a pot. in this game you take control the protagonist and the task will be the lead him through all the trials and overcome .the maximum area of the game all that you will have to overcome an obstacle is a hammer with which you will climb three boulders. and high mountains if you will make at least one wrong move you will have to pass the level again train your agility and nerves and achieve ousting results.


metal revolution is a robot fighting game and a fresh new cyberpunk style compared to other traditional fighting games .its have minimalist controls while still being able to keep the depth and balance of the higher-level- competitive players like rising thunder metal revolution. brings a simplified control scheme this can make the game slightly easier to get into however the depts for veteran fighting players are absolutely still there the gameplay is fast-paced and filed .each character has their own unlimited power and skill that let you end your in style moving.


standoff to is a multi-players counter strike style fps and which two teams face off and fight with each other. and all the maps are clearly pasted on the original counter-strike maps such as dust or Italy but at .a reduce the size that makes the game much or fanatic the control of this game standoff is very well adapted to the touchscreen devices.


this all game in this artical you can find in the play store for the Android and for the ios devices you have to check these games in the app store.

to download all the games you can check these all games on different sites. and stores like play store and app store and some of the websites also provide you this all the games .many third-party sites will provide you these all games in mod version also go and download these all games.