Sat. Oct 23rd, 2021

Android telephones are operating slower than being used to or less quickly as you think it must be this guide is for you now now about create Android faster at no cost. To start with, of course, you need to install any programs that you never utilized and are only taking up space in your Android apparatus at the Play Store. you can view a list of app that I install on your phone. and how much space is taking off it’ll be different depending on the version of the Play Store? but you can probably figure out it and it might also so the best time you use this. the app you can just start. with the biggest have never used on a walk down from Shiva apps. installed means fewer things potentially trying to fight in the background and will free of flash storage which will help you to run your device fast fully.



Free install junk apps like that since they can’t be on stall me if you select them on the home screen. and go to drag them you don’t have the options to install this app to uninstall. this Junk app you have another way to install their app from app infomania you can install this junk app. from the app menu we will get some free space and it will improve your device to run faster.



Update your phone on-time update of this isn’t something you have complete control over because a lot of Android manufacturers take lots of time using. the new Android version if they do it all for some all the phones you do have updates available that you have to think of you should stop doing that usually. they do introduce optimizations and Systems performance improvements. that will make your phone run better you need to stay off to India for security patches. because nothing download phones non-marking opens up your phone then not being update you get the picture.

Updating your devices on time will give you better performance like with the new version of Android will be installed on your devices. so it will help you advise running faster than usual. and many things will devise new things like security patches and new versions of Android looks. and customization so it will help your devices to run faster.


Using the light version of the app the most popular app have any alternative light versions that take up less space. and around so boded so some Facebook lite, Twitter Lite, Instagram Lite, YouTube go, lots of application that will provide you and light version by using the light version. it will take less space And using the lite version of the app like Facebook lite utilize. it will help your devices to consume less space and improve your device stability and will run faster than usual.



Use a normal wallpaper instead of using dynamic and customizable wallpaper or theme. a lot of phones these days has served several benefits because dynamic wallpaper can use a lot more is resources than you might think .for example there are lots of things and wallpaper that will let change you’re can I consume more storage to optimize the settings. so it will be better for you to use the light theme or light wallpaper. and it will help your device to run faster than usual on the light theme and light wallpaper is also storage show it consumes list storage on your Android devices.


5- Reduce the amount of widget

Reduce the number of the widget on your phone visit having on your home screen if you have a ton of visits. and It barely when we are even cost of the would-be checking all out of resources. it not as bad as if you have all their visit apps open at once but it’s still going to main the system has to keep more things refreshing. the background to keep those visit updated assuming they have live update information. this will be less of a deal for a visit that is static life just showing a shortcut button. so something having a turn off cloud new slow download home screen. so it will be better for you if you want to make your indoor device fast are useless visit on your home screen. it will fast your Anda fast Android devices.



Lightweight launcher one of the good things about Android is you can customize pretty much everything. about the phone even the lunch sorry itself which is basically the overall skins for Android. now use the stock android launcher so it can offer any professional life commendations on lightweight launches. but you could probably just search for lightweight launches on Google and find some good reviews some specific one lightweight launcher. you can use and it will provide you the lightweight customization the lightweight launcher will help your device to run faster than usual. These tricks are very good if you are using the launcher on the phone using the lightweight launcher it will help you a lot to make your Android device faster.



Using the lightweight browser instead of Google Chrome which is probably the default good browser but its Mini storage of your phone steps of both on desktop and mobile. their penalty of adoption you can try you have probably held of a such as a Firefox Browser Opera Mini any have even used the Microsoft edge also. a browser will help you to play store and this all the browsers are lightweight. browser it will consume less storage on your devices so you can try this browser instead of Google Chrome that is taking much storage from your devices to run slowly down. the lightweight browser like Firefox Opera Mini Microsoft edge UC Browser hope this all the tips and tricks will be helpful for you all.