Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Feeling soul and mortal clan signifies Naman Mathur he is famous title is soul deadly he’s popular as a female and gamer understand as the spirit deadly at the pubg gambling field he’s famed for his sport playing fashion and pubg cellular gameplay. Soul deadly was created on May 22,1996. He remains and lives in Mumbai along with his mum and family, his daddy’s father passed off when he had been a Kid.

if you are a true pub player and true fan of this game then maybe you know this guy mortal he is very famous for his pubg mobile gameplay and he is also an esports pubg player. his clan name is the soul and he is the first and famous pubg mobile streamers of the pubg mobile in India. many people watch his stream on a daily basis.

and soul mortal achieves many rewards and he has a youtube channel name called soul mortal with 5 million subscribers on it.

he is the guy who helps the nation India grow in the gaming field for the e-sports soul mortal is also a very nice guy with this game idea and gameplay is very good and he is the popular and famous pubg gamer in the nation India .as you all know that the government decided to ban the pubs mobile in India.


As we all know that India government decided to ban the pubg mobile because the pubg mobile is the chines game .the game developer of the pubg mobile Tencent is a chines developer company and the government of India banning the chines app and government of India bans the many chines app because of some security reason.

due to this reason, the soil mortal left playing the pubg mobile.

now in India, no one is playing pubg mobile because of the ban .we can find the pubg mobile data and the game in the Indian server and in the play store.


Soul mortal started playing the free fire .free fire is also a game like pubg mobile but there are huge differences between the pubg mobile and free fire .because of the ban issue of pubg mobile in India many and we can say all the pubg mobile players and streamer switch the game to free fire.

and soul mortal started playing the free fire he played 6 matches and he won the two-match in the free fire.

soul mortal playing free fire as soul mortal is the pubg players he never plays free fire but because of the pubg ban, many pubg players sift to the free fire and call of duty mobile and the download of the free fire and call of duty mobile increasing in the daily basis.

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Soul Mortal’s Free Fire ID is-2345006364, and the in-game name of soul mortal is- yesmortal. you can search this id on free fire and add in free fire .and if you are lucky then you will get a chance to play with soul mortal.



soul mortal started playing the free fire from yesterday and he did a free fire stream in his channel name soul mortal and he played 5 matches only in his stream and he played clash squad mode.

in these clash squad game, he got booyah in the 2 match .he play with his soul family in the game like he plays with the soul viper 8bit rebel and more players like regulators .he also play with the regulators who is also a pubg mobile streamer.



Soul mortal is a pubg mobile streamer. his youtube channel name is soul mortal in you-tube and as youtube channel have 6 million subscribers. he starts playing pubg mobile since the pubg started getting popular in India.

in the soul mortal channel, he plays much game like

pub mobile 

fall guy 

call of duty mobile 

GTA v5 

he uses to do a stream of this game on his channel -he becomes the game icon in the gaming history of the India his skill and gameplay is very unique and very improving gameplay.



Soul mortal in free fire .soul mortal in free fire and he is improving his gameplay and now from he started playing the free fire, he will start the stream of the free fire.

and in the features maybe he will play in the esports of the free-fire because he is the pubg mobile esports player in the pubg mobile gaming history .and maybe soul mortal free fire journey will be the best journey like free fire .lets support this guy in free fire and he will prove himself like a pro player in the free-fire gaming.

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