Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

Today we are going to talk about how to make a QR code for your Wi-Fi and impression friend maybe. this has happened to your friends over and they ask you for the Wi-Fi password show. you tell them it’s on the bottom of the router or it’s your custom password that you said. so you go and try to spell it out but the password is so complicated that says angry they live and you never speak to them again. and they are not friends anymore if this happened to you guys anyway. what if there was a better way whether you don’t have to even tell your friends what’s the passport is but they were still able to connect your Wi-Fi password for a guest network that you set up instead. you have a simple QR code that starts to the router on mail you just have it sitting on the table on a paper of peace of a paper. that’s where they can just find their phone’s camera and it dramatically connects them to your Wi-Fi password on the guest Wi-Fi hotspot with no other issue.



So let’s talk about how to make a QR code for your Wi-Fi password will that’s exactly. what do you are going to show you how to do today and making a QR code is actually extremely easy? and we are also going to show you how to set up a basic guest Wi-Fi hotspot your browser doesn’t support that features so. it’s pretty easy to stick around let’s talk about how to create the QR code. which is very easy like I said that there are currently of a free website that will do this for you encodes the name of Wi-Fi Hotspot and the password 14 in the phone automatically know is how to connect to it. you don’t even need to tell your friends via Wi-Fi code for a password if you don’t want to and to period one of these good literally you all have to do is going to search on Google and search Wi-Fi QR code generator and you will find all sorts of sites that do it for free one of these is Q Wi-Fi that org.



So now let’s talk about the sites the free size who will help you to create your Wi-Fi QR code the first one is QIFI.ORG. this is one simple with just spits out a basic QR code nothing fancy no fancy graphics or anything this is one of good. if you just want the basic code and maybe you can put it into MS Word and then create your own friends a graphics around it or something that is easy to scan me something like that you can just go to this site.



Code monkey is a site that allows you to do a lot more customisation is called QR crore – monkey.com then you go to the Wi-Fi tab and again this is free. and it has all sorts of cool features you can do like custom colours the background the code itself. you can do a gradient of colours you can have custom Colours for the eyes which are the little boxes in the corners. you can also change it there’s a logo symbol in the middle of it and they have a few christened. one that you can choose or just upload your own so if you want to go on Google image and search Wi-Fi icon just upload. that’s yourself whichever you are one you want and they have a bunch of different design so you can have it be their circles or square whatever you think looks the coolest and also the frames around the so-called eyes. so you can customise it or not and what’s nice about this site is Indus let you download in a bunch of different formats the quality. and then download it in PNG which is an equal value-added because its losses but you can even download the vector version so it will be on resizable. and then of course for always if you want to do add more you can just do it yourself again and Photoshop and MS Word whatever you are using.



Qr-code-generator dotcom the most polished looking of the size but it’s not completely free that you have free designs through. the look design, for example, you can see in their site that is equal friends you can choose seats can be which might look a little bit my son but of course. you could do that yourself you’re fancy enough in Photoshop for MS Paint and then you can also again the code itself. pots are a call or have it’s a scan me in the middle accounts of Like. The Other Log was the only things I kind of Like The Other logos the one thing we cannot say about this site is it seems to be a little bit broken because it requires you to log in to do the download of the files .but even after I will create an account or log in with designs register as Maybelline login but instead of downloading you can also adjust them literally. the screenshot that little section using Windows screenshot complete in 4 words or what Photoshop.



After creating the QR code for Wi-Fi you find yourself and go just print without underwear Le piece of paper and it doesn’t matter what size. it is it will work for any of them there are a few different cool ways you can use this course if you are just at home you can just print out on a piece of paper live it on a table or maybe talk with your router something like that .or maybe if you have a business with Wi-Fi Hotspot and you want August to be able to use it you can maybe print. you can do with this Wi-Fi hotspot Wi-Fi network English anything that has the name of the network you can include that Wi-Fi QR Navin. the term cricket guest network is going to depend on your router you have one of the Wi-Fi routers call Surat the wonder this is probably you had lost advance creating a guest Wi-Fi network.