Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

Player analysis platform GameAnalytics has launched HyperBid, a new mediation platform for mobile game publishers and developers.

HyperBid aims to allow developers and publishers to increase their ad revenues as well as drive business growth.

HyperBid is currently in an open beta stage and provides several features tailored to mobile games advertising.

The platform has over 30 integrations with leading global networks across both Western and Eastern markets.

Monetisation mediation

“HyperBid has limitless potential, addressing a critical gap in the market for a new brand with a distinct, gaming-specific mediation offer,” said GameAnalytics founder Morten Wulff.

“HyperBid is absolutely neutral across all bidding models and demand pools – ensuring developers and publishers can maximise their revenue. It solves common shortcomings with existing mediation platforms such as ad serving latency issues and lack of technical support for indie developers.”

In addition to a cash bonus investment into the growth of monetisation campaigns, early users of the HyperBid platform will receive six months of free access to other GameAnalytics offerings, including GameIntel and data services.

GameAnalytics recently partnered with mobile marketing platform Tenjin to launch Growth FullStack, a new series of developer tools and training resources related to data and analytics.

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