Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

To purchase the free fire bead you may need to pay a certain quantity of cash and they are going to provide you a totally completely free fire bead. Many individuals also supply free flame diamonds to get free but at the infrequent instance. Free flame Diamond purchases free_Free fire identification search_is pubg duplicate of free-fire. This subject is quite rare and a lot of men and women wish to understand about this subject so now we’re going to chat about this topic-free fire bead purchase free nobody can provide one of the free fire bead. many you tubers do give away in their you-tube channel from there they select the winner and then they give free fire diamonds.

and to get free fire diamonds for free some apps are also providing the free fire diamond for free. like they tell you to download their app and after downloading they allow you to watch their ads from there they give you some points and after this. you can redeem the points to the money and you can transfer the money into your bank account and then from there, you can buy free fire diamond this is also one method to buy the free fire diamond free.

and from google gift card you can buy free fire diamond many sites will provide you. the free like they will provide you all some google play redeem codes or gifts card from there also you can buy free fire diamonds easily from diamonds players used to buy the bundles and characters like DJ Alok and many other characters. it helps the players to look good in outfit and bundle and from the diamond. they also spin some spins to get gun skins and more guns and grande skins so these are the method from there you can get free fire diamond to buy free.


to search the free fire id just open the free fire and in the top right corner you can see the players option there from there you can search the free fire id and add friends this is the one method to search the free fire id.

and there is also some website that provides you to search the free fire id from there also you all can search the free fire id.



so let’s talk about the big matters is pubg is a copy of free fire then the answer is no both game are different free fire lunch af first in 2017 and after this. the pubg mobile lunch in 2018 and both came concepts are same in the free-fire. you get 50 players lobby and you have to drop on the island and kill all the players and after this, the last man will get the bhoy it’s like chicken dinner in pubg.

and in pubg mobile, you will get 100 players in the lobby and you have to drop in the island after this the last man standing will get the winner post like chicken dinner in the game.

there is no comparison between both games.

both games are famous and popular in their own way both have different layouts and both have different playing style. and the free fire is 500 MB game and pubg is 2gb game so there are many differences in both the game and its not same game and copy of any games both are different.



Pubg mobile is not a copy of the free-fire because the pubg is a high graphic game and many change things are here.the pubg game like in pubg you can get many functions and settings and in a free fire, you will get some limited setting .in pubg you will see.

sensitivity setting 

control setting 

layout setting 

sound setting 

basic setting 

advance settings 

and more settings like this you can see in pubg if you talk about the setting of the pubg and free fire there you will see these differences.

Sensitivity setting-in this setting you will see all the sensitivity setting out here and all the gun settings here.

in pubg mobile, you will see the option of the gyroscope and more easy setting like this its very easy to use the pubg mobile settings.

but when you talk about the free fire setting then there are more worst and complicated setting

there are fewer features than pubg mobile.

the features and setting about the pubg and free fire are way more different in a free fire the graphics will look like a cartoon and not more suitable.

and the setting about the free fire is more different and worst then the pubg mobile there are fewer and no many more features than the pubg mobile you will see fewer features like control and sensitivity setting only in the free fire.