Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

CSGO launched Operation Riptide on twenty first September and that is the eleventh Operation. Aside from a number of gameplay and map modifications, Valve has added numerous attention-grabbing missions to the Operation. The Operation Riptide Week 9 missions are out and preserve studying the article to know easy methods to full the missions.

Operation Riptide Week 9 Missions

Mission Modes Goal Rewards
Hit The Poop Deck Hazard Zone, Blacksite Apply graffiti to varied areas 3 location: 1 star
6 areas: 2 stars
9 areas: 3 stars
Shortdust Wingman Get 20 headshot kills, or get 9 headshots in a single recreation 3 stars
Stern Warning Guardian, Basalt Get pistol kills 2 stars
Take A Bow Demolition Improve your weapon 18 instances, or get two Deagle kills in a single recreation 2 stars

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