Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

The best part about Mobile gaming is that it’s ever-changing. the new months are coming that means a lot of new games. We have listed some best new Android games of October 2020.



Final Fantasy this is the remastered version of the classic Arpg.this game is so popular a few years ago. now using your android device you can connect with the players on other platforms. the cross-play features your entire mission is to help your own group of adventures.find drop off the myth of a component that will help you to save the world from miasma gas. Watching the impressive and extensive introduction you will be ready to start your adventure. The first step Fantasia crystals Chronicles is to design your own characters with all your favorite features. You can also choose your character’s name and the style of vehicles that you will use to move all around the map.



Super clone is a highly dramatic dual-stick action with beautiful graphics element as well as a quite an impressive complete game. Opponents will not work as a targets constant attack streams of bullets and projectiles. The use of traps and much more will required lighting fast reactions and accuracy of action. You have to be hit by enemy fire and hit as many targets as possible in a minimum period of time. Random event generation skill development system land of weapons in leveling and upgrading new opportunity much more awaits participants in the gameplay.



Tiny robot recharge is the rescue game that the main game characters kidnapped friends in this three-dimensional escape. The puzzle game it’s also happened that an evil genius kidnaps 3 of your friends who were in the park near his top-secret laboratory.Nobody knows what degree experiments he places to them and just on your capacity to discharge the companions in hardship one . There are 40 degrees which will absolutely make you consider the clear answer. The positioning to see it in various angles in order to detect and collect batteries. You might need to work out things to join with launching most of types of machines and apparatus. The only real way that you can visit another location site



Legendary is a low poly graphics action game with excellent implementation of the action process in the setting of Zombies. Gamers using the simplest control will guide the character that is trying to save his life live the infected territories. The opponents will not only be mutants but also angry people trying to get to the main character supplies. You need to find him favorable positions for shooting them in time and avoid creating a risky situation and it comes complete with other features. The gameplay features that together are sure to please fans of shooting The Walking Dead.



Trooper broke this is an unusual Quest that takes place in an alternative reality of the 60s. This is an adventure game with a handmade location that finds yourself in the 1960s parallel universe. The events gold in one of the European countries and the yard at the end of the sixties actors are Hans Tannhauser. Who is a young physicist from America you come on vacation and at the same time to finish work on this dissertation? Our Hero decided to spend his vacation in a small village located among the mountains and surrounded by dense forest. He movie into a modest hotel and on the first night very strange events happened to him.


Dashero SWORD

Dashero sword is a magic and hacking slash action game with a top-down third-person perspective in the third visual. The third dashero is a rock-like and shooting style dashero is usually compared with other popular game. Which has been published in 2019 spring. The game features its smooth 3D graphics and smooth animation offline mode in a very special by displaying mode. both portrait and landscape are also supported for survival you can obtain different random skills and combine them to have countless possibilities. Classic rough like gameplay with a new 3D presentation super spectacular battle effects and fines against a strange creature.



Forest Road NIVA this is cross country racing Gamers will get behind the wheel of various models of the iconic SUV. Try to do everything in order not to be the first to arrive at the finish line but also to set a record time. This will be quite difficult to complete due to the fact that the roads are not provided but there’s is tuning. It will improve technical performance and allow you to feel much more confident in any of the possible situation. There are several modes including free driving will help you fully lock the potential of Technology as well as the level of driving skills.



Legacy of Heroes is an action game where you move through a world set in medieval time fighting cons of animals as you go. The adrenaline rushing through your veins as you fight as a warrior in multiplayer Battles doing the thing it takes to win. The graphics are pretty awesome with all the settings and watch stores in 3D that you can adjust. You can play the game even on smartphones before entering battle it’s important to the right weapons to secure victory. Tap on the right side of the screen to change the camera angle and use the virtual pad to move your character freely.



Action Strike is a first-person shooter that invites you to feel a bunch of settings by shooting at multiple enemies. The excitement only increases when you play against online players from all over the world. The visible in action strikes are so well the block that you have emerged in the intensive offer each setting. The directional joystick helps you to move through its setting. At the same time, all you have to do is tap on the screen to modify the perspective. The objectives should be noted that you can easily automate the short so you don’t have to worry about opening fire. The salt has a limited direction so the corn bags are very dynamic.