Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

we are going to talk about the top 5 best screen recorder no watermarks that are available right now. whether you want to record gameplay for make tutorial video on going to being over the pros Softech software .option available for both Android and IOS users and I made sure that none of these programs have sort of watermark on. recording limits don’t need any sports of the special graphics card in the show with that being said let’s get started top 5 screen recording software we are going to talk about top 5 screen recording software. that I will provide in the Mod version you can download it from my side easily Mod version of the software. and if you want the free version of this software then there will be watermarks only can find the free version software from Play Store for ios users can find from App Store.


1-free cam for android 2020

we are going to be talked about its free cam we can is a very simple lightweight Screen Recorder if they also have some built-in editing functionalities custom area of your screen. the only at the same time microphone Converse system audio once you are done recording your video images within. the program video removes background noise. and many more function is there for add or Cruiser highest life which is very unique feature tutorial video highlights. functionalities can be very useful because it makes it very easy for your but screen recording free cam is also very lightweight. so you don’t need a super-powerful computer or mobile devices to run of course. there is no watermark limitation. there are few restrictions however you can only use the free cam on your Android and IOS. that you are going to over and app alternatives. later on Vantage record the screen the same time as a face camera recording within a free version I am going to talking about beautiful you can use it on your android device iOS devices freely.


2-Streamlabs obs for android 2020 

In our second number list, we have stream labs obs Mobius is the most powerful robot software man obvious stream love which is available on Windows IOS and Android. and also have a beta version for Mac can I add multiple audios on multiple inputs videos into a single recording. if you want to record your microphone gameplay. your face cam audio, as well as scam border we can do that we do that with a single recording. stream labs various customizable and it can do a lot of different things not only you can record your screen.stream platform software YouTube Facebook Twitter and many more and sources within the program I am I also made a video on how to use stream labs. if you like to see then you can see website stream labs are my personal and it’s customizable and very robust. can business for both recording and streaming. and I say is that you need a slightly more powerful computer. nothing crazy by any of you has before you can use it easily and you can find many functions and features on this stream lab and obvious. and it’s very useful many YouTube streaming and gaming systems are using. this is streamlined and obvious and you can record your screen mobile screen in and it’s available for window Android and IOS.


3. Flashback Express and FBX for android 2020 

Three number list we have flas back Express flashback Express is a very robust screen recording app you can also use flashback. and flashback has two different programs they have flashback Express and flashback apps which is the gaming version Express is rarely similar to the audience personality. we can record different audio inputs and video inputs as good for gaming and you can also use for everything within the program. itself with the UI is very different so you don’t like the stream labs you had then you might like the flashback Express UI access. the gaming version that’s really cool about it is there Divya start recording. which means that we can just open flashback x without recording your screen full sex short or stunt accounts on that can you can use class X to do that. an alternative to stream labs. that are also very robust now flashback Express and flashbacks X are also for free see this app from Play Store and app store.


4. Screen Rec for android 2020

screen rec screen Dekhi Jab level for windows Linux Mac which is great and available for Android and IOS users. and it basically records your screen record the audio take screenshot on the whole screen record is being able to do things very fast editing functionality is built on. it just really quickly record screen screenshot. this is very fast for Android users and Z and then by the way, since the screen is the simple recording on. this list has the lowest system requirements we can use it on 2GB RAM for 4GB RAM is really. you don’t need a strong device to. you record to use this app and there is no watermark submit its watermark free in the free version. carbides for free cloud storage. if you want to record your business you can save it on cloud storage. or you can save it on your own. storage you get to gigabytes of Clouds source to do that we’re absolutely free and you gave advice for free storage sounds like a lot.


5-NCH Capture Debut for android 2020

 NCS capture is pretty good with Sarju can record screen the same time as well as multiple audio inputs once you don’t record video. you can also edit within the program so you can trim your videos as well as different audio actually do something very light color correction with the program as well. as 16 part first make some quick edit we can I edit on this and captured you can add a text color correction is a great option because it has all of that available. you can download it from Play Store and App Store is available for free. this app is the very lightweight and very best app you can find it on the Play Store and app store. very useful. and many peoples are using this app Mod version of this app can you can find it on our website.