Wed. Dec 8th, 2021

Ashley Vox recently did an interview on about her wrestling career. Here are some of the highlights:

Vox recently worked for ROH. She was asked her how she felt when she heard they are taking a break from operating:

“It was just like everyone else’s reaction. I was completely shocked about it. Covid took a big toll on a lot of companies. It’s hard to pay for talent when you don’t really have an audience and you’re trying to be safe. It sucks. I feel bad for everyone that was under contract. That was their life. That was their job. I can’t complain too much because I wasn’t under contract, but I’m just going to cherish the moments I got to work with Maria Kanellis, the women there, and the new women’s division they were building up. It was awesome to see so many new and talented female wrestlers. It was a great locker room. It really motivated me, and it’s sad to see there is a pause. They’re coming back in April, so it’s not too far off.”

Ashley Vox talking about her tag team, The Sea Stars with her sister Delmi Exo:

“I am from the Ocean State, Rhode Island and it’s just dear to my heart, born and raised. I’m also a water sign, I’m a Scorpio. I’m attracted to ocean stuff and I live in the ocean state. Delmi came up with the tag team name, Sea Stars. Real Catch came as the years went by.”

Ashley talking about her and her sister’s favorite wrestles growing up:

“We always wanted to be like The Hardy Boys,The Young Bucks, or The American Wolves. They were a cool tag team when we were watching independents. As far as individuals, definitely Eddie Guerrero because we’re both half Mexican so we were drawn to him. He was an awesome wrestler.  Delmi loves Triple H.”

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