Tue. Oct 26th, 2021

You may be surprised but also the Google pixel 4A together with Android 11 possess Super 6 attributes like useful release voice controller costume celebrities as well as transcribing websites have one’s of tips and hints and hidden attributes of Android 11 which you are going to attempt on this mobile but also before the end.




First, we are going to talk about camera on Android 11 tips and hidden features of Android 11 camera now the camera on the pixel 4 is absolutely amazing but aside from the quality pictures that you get from this device was so you some really Infinity things you can do with the camera.

so if you’re headed into settings and on the system’s check out this search right in there you will see the option that says flip camera to selfie toggle this on what happens now is when you are in the camera and you will give your phone a little said it will sleep.

the camera into selfie mode and if you give it again then it will flip it right back this is such a cool gestured to try out dancing with the Google pixel camera if you tap on the screen not only in the screen but exposure toggle where you can bright of your image but there is also a shadow toggle this is a really quick and helpful feature to have within the camera.

on Android 11 and really does make a difference to the look of your picture venue of those Shadow what is also super infinity is you can lock the exposure in the light Android 11 camera features while in the camera if you click and hold down on.

the screen Google lens will automatically activate and find an image related to exactly what you with just pointing at with the camera. all love to take a good selfie every now and then in Google has made it so much easier to share that just by clicking on that of a row as.

you can see this is the all-new camera features of Android 11 and this is the latest tips and tricks and hidden features of Android 11 cameras.



Two number list we have tips tricks and hidden features of the Android 11 music series onto some music features and with the Epic updates of Android 11 when you now open up and start playing something music on Spotify if you will pull down on.

the notification panel you will see this amazing new s45 media play had it afterward make controlling and listen to your music so much is here but what’s even more Epic is if you go to ahead and play something from Google podcast or even a media files directly on your phone when you pull down on that notification panel.

The Fame of the various media player heads will be right at the top and learn all gonna love these features and another crazy cool thing for music lovers out there is now playing.

what does it is continuously listening for music with your environment and then leaves the title of that song on your lock screen so if you ever want to know what if you can just upon it and it to your Spotify you can act with this by hitting on over to settings.

and then indoor sound on now and playing then it on and you are good to go they are not playing history is also the bomb.com because this is a list of all the songs on your phone has ever identified.



In our three number list we have voice control features on Android 11 voice hidden features on Android 11 that you can use easily to make your voice Epic and interesting something that is really cool about Google is they have this amazing app call voice says that you can download from the Play Store.

cool about this app is you can use it to control your entire voice phone using just your voice just scroll down on the notification panel and tap on voice access open WhatsApp or you can say anything the application will open all of your application you can say whatever you want.

the voice control will open it all of your application and you can also send it and you can also type your message with your voice control application and this is the really interesting feature of Android 11 that will be available soon.



In our phone number list, we have style features on Android 11 now we are going to talk about style features how to get a Jazz home screen just by heading to style and wallpapers.

so first off if you click on this cover live section write in here a bunch of super unique wallpaper to choose from you can also do with this wallpapers is equals to my them to whatever college you want to whether it’s blue green or red you name it.

then once you have decided and set that’s your home screen wallpaper toggle between application check out how awesome the animation and movement of the wallpaper is there are so many different styles and colours to choose from.

so if you are about to find something that you love then second if we had on back to install and wallpapers speak this time makes you click on the style icon right in.

here is where your custom creates dreams can really come to life essentially where you can create your own phone theme by first leads using your favourite phones nude favourite look of Icon show went for this function next to have one of colours to choose from choosing any colour you want.

and then finally, believe it or not, you can choose the save the one the icon to take on your phone interesting and good features and Android 11 in style section you can use it easily.

and you can paste it on your home screen r name styles just apply it and hold your beautiful new custom screen call colours and funds perfect.



In 5 number transcript, this is the new and latest features on Android 11.

the Android 11 is so cool because if you have you ever found yourself trying out a really long mail or perhaps you are in a meeting or lecture and just cannot keep off with all.

the note-taking then the Android 11 and the Google pixel is perfect because it has this amazing transcribe features that you can find just under the recorder app.

once you click on the record button return Tab on transcribed and watch how accurate Google transcribes every single word that I am saying so if you haven’t already tried out this features little Google pixel out hit that transcribe buttons and watch in Amazon.

so nice time you need to take some notes or try pouch super long do not forget about the recorder transcribe Android features.



Useful tips for Android 11 this is also the hidden features of useful tips the new beautiful features of Android 11.

there is a quicker easier way to respond to message down on the notification panel and click on that reply button you can reply to your message notification Windows.

you will be able to type your out send this also applies to Instagram females SMS WhatsApp app reply Vidya notification WhatsApp also super and testing is you can continuously sessions going ring back to the notifications.

and driving it in another response another really imaging stations from Google that allow you to perfectly digitize for all pictures.