Sun. Oct 24th, 2021


Toucan extension is basically meant to help you learn a language or at least the vocabulary of the language. this extension enables random Watts on the difference you visit you will be replaced and highlighted to solve they have been replaced with a word of your selected language. Then you Mahoba over there to see what that word means and then. also if you start to realize ok you kind of now this world all ladies you can just change the word and get the word meaning. You also have a few options with the extension so you can choose how frequently what’s arguing to be replaced either or many and then. you can also disable it on a specific website or other is a certain amount of time. The extension entirely for the amount of time so you don’t always have to be using it everywhere also there’s a dashboard it will Serve You many words have been translated. Have these things called packs fax you can adjust the selection of words that are replaced on different websites and there are tons of free ones that are included? There are some additional ones that you can use it if you want a world wherein X1 but still that you can actually a little bit of customization. So you can use this Santu convert meaning into any language and it will be easy for you.


Relaxing sound

Relaxing sound basically allows you to choose a bunch of different ambient noise play in the background while you are browsing the web. What’s really cool about this is combine sounds up to five playing at once so you can really customize the ambiance. however, you want also a volume slider to exhaust the volume and translate a few and just kind of stop. This relaxing sound Google Chrome extension is very useful while you are browsing and if you want to listen constantly to the same sound. it will very be relaxing sound and it will give you a peaceful mind which is the best extension if you are feeling tired using the computers then you can use this extension for free download this extension in Chrome Store.


Trim which basically just shows IMBD ratings on Netflix a long time ago Netflix got rid of actually stars rating state with this matching percentage. The Netflix rating doesn’t even show you how will people like the show but it’s rather just a recommendation of how will Netflix things you are gonna like the show. It’s doesn’t really mean anything but with this extension you are working on chrome at least it actually shows a little icon yellow screen of the ImBD reaching that other people have rated. By seeing the rating using the extension you can get a better idea about how good the show is. It will also show the Rotten Tomatoes rating there for fresh but you can disable that just go in a dream setting and you can disable this setting if you don’t like the Rotten tomato so you can disable by going in the trim section.

Markup for Chrome

The markup for Chrome is a School kind of collaboration tool for a company that has a website or you even work at a website. You have to give feedback on that website let me show you what I mean basically the extension is a tool that lets you take a screenshot of any website any URL comments to it at a specific location. You can check a certain object on the web page a certain amount of text a text block and then on the left-hand side you can expand to show moments someone has left for it. So you can check out this list of comments and then you can click on the comments and see exactly where someone is talking about on the screen. Really good for collaboration if you are giving feedback on Maybe developing a website or you can lovely just imagine how might be useful collaborating in general.

Netflix party

Netflix party basically this extension allows you to create a sort link so that you want to watch with a certain group of friends. please generate a link and then everyone else with the same extension joints that link and then the party leader can basically where the place is. you have a group chat somewhere else or just use the text chat in the browser extension itself one hour to consider if you are border with some friends on the internet this extension to watch with your friends.

Just read

Just read this basically kill their eyes out ones of the clutter that is on the website that is mostly text like news articles. stops like that it’s very similar to the reading mode on like mobile phones like iOS you might see very kind of just get rid of all the crap on the side. It literally just South the article text sem Idea here and overall does a really good job and it does have the ability to remove additional elements. You can remove the elements like pictures videos from the articles and you can simply website articles easily. If you enable it and then you see a bunch of different craft showing up in the middle that an option to click on and remove the chief you want to manually good for a website that has a short and very wide or very cluttered organization. You can use this extension for the reading.

One tab

One tab it’s basically watching this extension do if you have a ton of tabs open. You can click the extension which will close all of them and save them as a list one tab extension page. From there you can restore all the tabs individually or at once so if you are realizing ok I am working on this project then you can just open the project and hide all the tabs easily. If you don’t need all these on tabs or might not in the future you can just close it all and then I start doing something else you want.