Mon. Oct 25th, 2021

Very everybody launches now a couple extra sneek key tips and tricks so here are 10 Instagram features that didn’t know to exist like green screen storage profile picture stick. and event extra forms open after Instagram and then let’s get into it.



In 1 number I have green screen stories a lot of fun and it’s a make filter that Instagram introduces on the filter section. Aware here is what the icon looks like and once you slipped it you will see this green screen affair behind. you but you can add media so I can just slip disc comments that someone sent me as my background. and as you can see you can also change in and out the change the size of the medians why can’t how this was a really cool background idea to use with this screen green screen filter. to answer any question or comment that you get but you can also use visitors as their green screen background so keyboard. you can use you want to add whatever video or pic you want  All The Way it will serve more of the content show check out this green screen filter lot of guys.



Pictures sticky now this feature is the and we should have good this ages ago but anyway if you head into your Instagram stories to make a new post. and click on the stickers icon scroll Brown and what was you will know she is the new gallery icon and option. and if you click on that it will open it of your gallery where you can select any one of your pictures and it will paste it into your storage. like a sticker so you can upscale it move it around and not only can add pictures. but you can also add the videos adjuster man I think this is such an awesome new feature. and I love that you no longer have to go to gallery copy or a screenshot a picture then come back to Instagram paste it.



Rainbow story ring may have noticed while scrolling through Instagram that some accounts have this beautiful rainbow circles around their profile picture. and you may have also wonder how on earth they were that will it’s actually an awesome thing that Instagram does. all in celebration of pride and basically what happens is when you head over to the next section. and master pride and then selected from the hashtag section click the donate button Instagram gives you a little notification. that said side all stories using the pride #pride sticker will get a rainbow circle around their profile pictures. and the minute reports that story watch as the ring around your profile changes to this beautiful rainbow. I think this is such an amazing thing that Instagram did and celebrate so if you want to change your profile pictures to Aryan boring now you know how to do it.



The third number we have a dual camera is going to blow your mind. I cannot wait to use this more in my story swipe along at the bottom until. you get to dual you will see that we can now film with the front camera and the selfie camera at the same time cited. about this and there are so many other things you can do like add a little border to. the selfie window we also have a couple of safe options so whether you wanted to be a square or rectangle you decided then depending on what type of search you are getting. as well the little round trip best suited to a story to want film the camera to Aaj selfie window is now much bigger.r and the front camera is in a little frame and finally, you can also square things up if you want to just by thinking out to your finger on changing in IT super-duper simple. and as I mentioned I can get to use this camera features way more and also see. what you guys do with it because this can be used in so many different scenarios like at a constant. or if you are so kissing someone product so if you have a personal profile then you definitely check this one out for account.



In the phone number list, we have pin comments I didn’t know that she can now pin your favorite comments in the comment section. if you head on over to any one of your posts right now to cut the comment section School through them until. we find your favorite one slowly swipe to the left-hand side under behold there is a little pin icon if you cap on that a little pop-up notification. will affair comment has been cleaned and now it is at the tip-top cross your profile. when they go through your pictures they will see all these amazing comments that have been Pin the crops anytime. you comment on someone else pictures and then also if you want to unpin the comments were simply swipe left against cab on the pin icon and the documents will be on the field on your period right.



5 number list we have remove followers so Instagram has ventured use for you to soft block users from checking out your account. if you want so if you mean head on over to your followers and think you may behave, someone, any unwanted followers then right next to their name you will see Dial remove button click on them. and then select remove accounts on following yours. they won’t see any of your future Instagram posts for storage. and the crazy part is they won’t even know what happened because Instagram doesn’t send them a notification or anything.



List 6 numbers you have posted to multiple accounts if you have multiple accounts. on life just go so much easier for you because you can actually post to all of them. at the same time can see over here under the first section now you can toggle on or off his accounts. you want this picture to propose and then as soon as you are ready to click share it will post to all of your accounts at the same time automatically. accounts that biggest head on over to settings and right at the bottom over there. you will be able to add all the various different accounts thus by the login.



In list 7 number we have new phones you have a personal profile you know have to associate brand new phones. you have set up your story is you are ready to add some text check out this section of our phones. you can now choose this from this is really going to Spice your stories to take full advantage of them. guys typing just look at what some of the phones look like still, they have your old classic Batman use get some new phones over there. On Instagram, you can add the phones to your Instagram stories and pictures and videos’ ideas of them. Photostatted and one of them is lying phones. it’s actually a simple as things to do but really does a elevate your stories and like where I am changing between a phone that looks like cosmic. and you drive new Roman is looked really pretty fancy and only took a couple of seconds.